Underwater Works

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Trasmar, in addition to the transportation sector, since the early 1980s, is also qualified to perform diving activities.

We grew thanks to our professionally acquired experience, as we were making our competence and work skill known, which allowed us to add always new client-contacts to our list and which allowed us to keep abreast of the new trends in our sector.

We are specialized and equipped to perform inspections and appraisals of ships and structures in general.

We have highly skilled and long-time experienced divers, qualified by R.I.N.A., and registered in the lists of the Venice Port Authority, with motorboats and speedboats apt and authorized to operate in the lagoon and in its Rada section and authorized to work in all Italian Ports.

Our staff is organized in a way that can provide a 24/7 assistance, even during state holidays and on a short notice as an emergency.

Our company is qualified to operate as an appraisal- surveyor in compliance with the following registries : RINA, LLOYD’S REGISTER, DET NORSKE VERITAS, ABS, BUREAU VERITAS, NKK, GERMANISCHER LLOYD.

We are fully equipped with all the professional equipment needed for underwater survey, such as close-circuit video cameras with above water real-time monitors and diver in contact via radio, available to the technical team, with release of technical report and video (on video cassette or DVD), specialty cameras for photographic inspections and production of photographic documentation.

We are also in the position of arranging for all needed documentation and permits to be issued by the Port Authority.

Moreover, we are specialized to provide the following services :

  • cleaning and polishing of propellers and water outlets.
  • cord removal from the propellers
  • evaluation of the anti-corrosive and anti-vegetative cycle.
  • severance and welding, substitution of sacrificial anodes.
  • damage evaluation of damages caused by getting beached
  • transactions and buying –and- selling assistance
  • probing
  • maritime geophisics activities
  • anti-terrorism controls
  • clearance of mines from clinch quay for passengers’ ships and keel check.
  • underwater activities in general

Our company is dutifully registered for the above mentioned activity in the registrars of the Port Authority of Venezia and Chioggia in compliance with Article 68 of the Navigation Code.

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