Il tuo faro in mezzo al mare

Trasmar is a leading company in the field of transport, maritime and underwater works, founded in Venice by Massimo Scarparo in 1981.

Trasmar offers a wide range of services in the maritime, lagoon and river sectors with highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment.


Underwater operations

Surveys and appraisals of ships and facilities in general, authorised to operate in the maritime field and in all Italian ports



Supply of stores and equipment to ships in the port or in the anchorage area


Pontoons and barges rentals

Floating platform with a wide and open deck suitable for goods and oversize loads transportation


Towing operation

Towing services and pusher tugs operating in Venice and Nord Adriatic area, rivers and inland waterways, providing also exceptional loads towing, salvages, rescues and other assistance services.


Personnel for technical assistance

Specialised personnel who are available for maintenance, servicing and assistance.


Ship to shore transfers of passengers and goods

Ship to shore transfers of crew, passengers and goods for all the ships moored within the port or anchorage area

Base Mare 21

Trasmar can count on the support of Base Mare 21, the family-owned nautical agency, which, thanks to the specialization in all fields of navigation, not only offers boat license and professional titles courses but it also provides a wide range of assistance services for paperwork handling at the Harbourmaster’s Offices