Underwater operations

Underwater operations

Trasmar began practicing diving activities in the early 1980s, acquiring over the years skills and working capabilities that allowed a quality development according to sector’s new trends.

The company counts on continuous investments to enhance resources and choses to rely only on commercial divers with a long-standing experience, certified by RINA and listed in Venice Harbourmaster registers.

Our services

Trasmar is specialised and equipped to carry out surveys and appraisals of ships and facilities in general, thanks to its suitable motorboats and speedboats authorised to work in the maritime field and in all Italian ports.

The company professional equipment contributed in making Trasmar a leader in the underwater survey field with the use of photographic equipment and closed-circuit video camera with above water real-time monitor and diver in constant radio contact with the supervisor monitoring the operations and available to the technical team. Each operation is followed by the release of the related technical report, DVD and photographic documentation.

Trasmar team is organized to guarantee 24/7 prompt assistance including on holidays and also on a short notice for emergencies.


For the over mentioned activities, Trasmar is regularly listed in the Venice and Chioggia Port Authority registers in compliance with art. 68 of the Navigation Code and it is qualified and certified both by RINA and by all surveyor naval registers as D.N.V. – GL, Lloyd’s Register, NKK, ABS e Bureau Veritas.