Transport, delivery

Trasmar offers a safe and reliable transportation service thanks not only to a staff of qualified pilots and drivers but also to its high-tech fleet of vehicles that includes motorboats, speedboats, pontoons of various sizes and equipped with cranes, all of them authorized to navigate the open sea and to transport goods, oversize loads, dangerous and radioactive materials.

One of the main transportation services provided by Trasmar is the supply of stores and equipment to ships in the port or in the anchorage area, whose delivery is carried out with authorised motorboats and personnel, guaranteeing goods integrity and ensuring the greatest care in the transportation of food, especially if frozen, using designated refrigerator facilities.

A great strength is the strategic position of the headquarters, with a wide dock in Porto Marghera, that has been certified as a customs-approved place for goods storage. The dock has a 300 sq. meters water area for the fleet moorage and a public concession service area of 600 sq. meters designated to goods receipt with refrigerated trucks or lorries and it is equipped with a fixed crane and forklift trucks for loading and unloading, moreover containers with a capacity of 50 cubic metres are available for goods storage.

In order to offer a full-line service Trasmar also owns vans for collection and delivery of small size loads (up to a max. of 1000 kg) from couriers to alongside ships or for other requirements.