Towing operation

Towing and pushing operation

Trasmar is specialised in towing services with its own tugboats and pusher tugs operating in Venice and Nord Adriatic area as well as on rivers and inland waterways, providing also exceptional loads towing, salvages, rescues and other assistance services.

In order to meet any request in the Port area, with a constant commitment to the innovation of the maritime and nautical market, while also becoming a point of reference in the safety and assistance sector for navigation within 20 miles from the coast, Trasmar can count on a high-tech fleet that includes its flagship, the tugboat “TOFI”.

This technologically advanced tugboat also serves as a fluvial-maritime pusher tug, operating as a single barge or in convoy, it also provides auxiliary services or full services to third parties (fresh water, fuel, electricity supply). Equipped with 2 cabins, restrooms and kitchen it can accommodate a crew of five and it can also be rented for geophysical purposes allowing a permanence at sea of several days with board and lodging service. This tugboat is also used as supply vessel for ship to shore transfers of crew, passengers and goods, for underwater operations assistance or as a support boat.

“TOFI” represents a fundamental reference point at disposal of the Maritime Authorities providing an essential service in terms of assistance, salvages and rescues of recreational boats always guaranteeing operational readiness 24/7, all year long, even in case of adverse weather/sea conditions.